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I am the Mom too 6 Girls and 3 Boys, Nana too 5 wonderful grandchildren. We are a normal functioning/Disfunctioning family Our youngest has Classic Autism he is 13. We have had some good times, bad and really funny exsperience. When we all get together, we are so much fun. We laugh when we should not be laughing, we are loyal beyond mesure. We love unconditionally and we just happen too live with Autism.

Why Crazy House… You ask?

We have been living with Classic Non-verbal Autism for 13 years. IN ADDITION WE HAVE 6 OTHER CHILDREN. 5 GRANDCHILDREN AND 3 DOGS.

Dispute our trials we still remain Happy…Hope full…

Our love for each other guides us through both the trials and joys of our life.

Our Humor however crazy!  Is the key too our Happy Home.

My hope for this blog is too share the good and the bad and the crazy funny journey we are on living with Autism.

Our Humor is why we are a Happy crazy bunch.